January 04, 2014

The green island

Have you ever just felt the need to travel to certain place? Well, I have. And it's happening right now. 
When I was a little girl, I used to watch every single days a children's tv series called Jakers. The show chronicled the adventures of Piggley Winks, an Irish pig who told stories to his grandchildren about his childhood in Ireland. I remember LOVING that show, probably my favourite one.
Maybe this sound a bit stupid, but I actually felt from that remote land, I felt that I lived in that distant green place called Ireland. I could relate. It's an inexplicable feeling, but it feels great. This is on the top of my bucketlist. I'm infected with wanderlust. I dream about setting foot on the Green Island. And I definitely will, some day.
PS. I Love You, such an adorable movie set in Ireland and a great book which I strongly recommend.

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  1. I visited Ireland in 2010 and it's seriously one of the most beautiful countries I've ever visited. I was in Dublin, Cork and Killarney and I know that I'll go back some day :)