January 03, 2014

Taking international examinations

2014 has been all good and pretty quiet to me for now, although it's only January 3rd. I've been watching some episodes of Suburgatory and Awkward, two of my favourite shows ever. Also I started to read a book that my mom bought me on Christmas 2010, which for some reason I couldn't finish yet.. (lazy girl here, my apologises).
If you didn't know, I adore learning languages. My mother thonge is Spanish and also I can speak English. I graduated from high school on 2012 and I haven't had any english course in all 2013, unfortunatelly I do not have english classes on university. So this year I decided to take the FCE exam. I've always wanted to take a Cambridge english examination, but due to unknown reasons, I didn't. I know that if you do not practice your english (or any second language you've learnt), you will probably forget a lot about it. I definitely do NOT want that, so that's other reason why I'm taking this exam. Have any of you guys taken any international exam? Any advices? Luckily I'm always reading things in english, like blogs or even books. Plus I just made a decision: I'm not longer reading books in spanish language, at least not this year. I want to focus on my english reading skills. Also I think that's a great way to practice for the FCE. And I absolutely love staying at home watching movies, and of course, they are all in english. Plus, I don't even use the subtitles, so I can force myself to understand what they are saying. LOL. But I have to admit that my learning strategy is actually working, success!
Probably you  think I'm obsessed with languages. And I can't blame you, 'cause that's true. After I take this exam, I really want to learn a third language. I'm not sure which one I want to, though.. I was thinking about Italian, it sounds like pretty and just awesome! Also I would love to try Swedish. What do you guys think?
Okay, I think I'm going back to my reading now, or maybe watch some more episodes of Suburgatory. We'll see. Talk to you later!

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