January 02, 2013


First off, I hope everyone had a lovely new years night! Second, I'm so glad 'cause I've been nominated for a Liebster Award! Thanks Jade & Lucy for tagging/nominating me! 
You may wonder what a Liebster award is. It is is given to bloggers that have less than 300 followers but they are not very popular although their blogs are really worth reading. 
- The nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them.
- Share 11 random facts about yourself.
- If you are nominated, answer the 11 questions the blogger wrote for you. 
- Make up 11 new questions to be answered and nominate 11 other bloggers.

11 Facts about me:
-I'm obsessed with travelling the world, like REALLY obsessed.
-I'm obsessed with languages, I want to learn german, swedish and portuguese! Spanish is my mother tongue, I speak English too and I've done a french course in 2012.
-I want to move to Canada.
-I'm so obsessed with the beach that I want to re-make my bedroom and decorate it with beachy stuff.
-I'm south american.
-I HATE deep discussions about politics!
-I love photography.
-I really wanna start vlogging but I don't feel very confident to do it :/
-I have two fishes pets.
-I love pineapples.
-I don't like ethnocentric people.

So, the questions that Jade & Lucy made up for me are: 
{{When I finished answering Jade's questions, I found out that I've been nominated twice! Lucy tagged me too so I decided to put some of their questions together that I can answer the same things}}

1. What made you want to blog in the first place? (by Jade) Why do you keep a blog? (by LucyHow long have you been blogging for? (by Lucy) & Got a favourite blogger? (by Lucy)
I've been inspired by many bloggers such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter who I'm a big fan of, so I wanted to do it too to share what I do daily, what I wear, what I buy, etc. So far, I've been blogging since October 23rd, 2012!
2. Who inspires you most in life and why? (by Jade) Which style icon would you most like to be for a day? (by Lucy)
My oldest cousin. He's 42 years old (I think) but he looks like 18! Not because of his appearence, but his personality! He ADORES going camping and going for adventures. Of course, he's got a wife and two  lovely daughters but also, he's got a young soul. Most 42 years old I know are sooo boring and start getting grumpy. He's also so funny and I don't really know ANYONE who hates him! Also, I can relate to him because he loves everything I do, such as camping, we both have an adventurous spirit, we love watching american TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Man, we only love music in english language, and I know this may sound a bit Americanophile but the truth is we don't really like the music or shows from our country! They suck actually lol.
If we're talking about celebrities, I ADORE Emma Stone, she's such an inspiration for me. I don't really know why but I think she looks pretty confident of herself, plus she's an AWESOME actress!
Also, I LOVE Zoe! It would be awesome to be her for a day, she's got a lovely fashion sense!
3.Have you ever broken a bone? (by Jade)
Luckily not.
4. Favorite high street shop? (By Jade) What item do you want most? (By Lucy)
Top Shop and I reeeeaally want an onesie! 
5.What would be your dream job? (by Jade & Lucy) Where do you want to visit most? (by LucyWhere do you think is the most fashionable city in the world? (by Lucy)
I love marine biology. Also, something that gives me opportunities to travel all around the world., especially somewhere in Canada. I think the most fashionable cities in the world are New York or London!
6. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why? (by Jade)
Emma Stone, definitely. Also I would literally fangirl if I ever meet Zoella or Louise.
7. Do you want/have any tattoos or piercings? (by Jade)
I don't really like them, so no.
8. Do your prefer books or movies? (by Jade)
I will say movies 'cause I love them! But if we are talking about The Hunger Games, I'll say the books! That's the only case that I loved the book more than the movie. I strongly suggest that you should read it.
9. Favorite accessory to make a simple outfit pop? (by Jade) Favourite style of shoe? (by Lucy)
A handbag. Lately I've been OBSESSED with creepers!
10. How would you describe your personality? (by Jade)
Sooooo shy at first, but when I'm surrounded by nice people I may be so weird but a loyal friend.
11. A make-up must-have you couldn't live without? (by Jade & Lucy) What is your favourite item of clothing/shoes/accessories you own? (By Lucy)
Since I don't really wear make up daily but when I go out, I will say eyeliner. Also I LOVE my black "fake Dr Martens" shoes (they aren't really Dr Martens but they do look like Dr Martens!)

I tag/nominate these bloggers: (you should definitely check their blogs out!) -no especial order-

My questions for them are:
1. What is your favourite fashion brand?
2. What kind of music do you listen to?
3. If you could move to ANY place in the world, where would it be and why?
4. Can you describe the city where you live in?
5. Who inspired you to start your blog?
6. Have you got a vlog? (video blog)
7. What do you love the most about blogging?
8. Have you got any New Year's resolutions?
9. What has 2012 taugh you?
10. What's your dream job?
11. If you could be ANYONE for a day, who would it be and why?


  1. Hello dear, nice to meet you! I've just found your blog and it's really nice....visit mine and let me know your opinion about my posts, maybe we could follow each other!

  2. I just recently started you tubing and even though I only have a macbook and it's not great quality, i've already gotten a little bit more confident just sitting in front of the computer and doing it! If I were you I would just go for it! ;p
    I love being inspired by fellow bloggers! Love this post, the Liebsters are great! xo


  3. Thanks for the nomination! I checked out your flikr and your photos are all very pretty xx :)

  4. I NOMINATED YOU FOR A LIEBSTER too AWARD HERE http://teenbeautyowl.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-leibster-award.html XOXXX

  5. thank you so so much! Have a wonderful new year