About me

Hello there! First off, I have to let you guys know that English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise for every mistake I make.
My name is Lucia and I'm 17 18 years old. Most people call me Lucy. In my blog I post fashion related stuff, photography and life in general. I'm a small town girl with big city dreams.
I've been inspired by many people to start my own blog, especially Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter. Since I'm not very good at talking about things, I decided to share my thoughts in this little space because I think it's so much better to me to 'write' my feelings than speaking about them.
I spend my free times reading fashion/beauty blogs and watching vlogs on Youtube. When I'm not on my laptop, I may be at the town centre doing some shopping, taking some pictures around or just hanging out with my friends.
I love getting in touch with nature, I love sleeping under the stars, I love the 'farm life'. I'm currently studying Agronomy in university.
I want to thank everyone who take the time to come to my blog and read what I write, I appreciate every comment I get.

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