November 02, 2013

I can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life

This is weird. The last time I blogged was on July 10th... I missed this a lot! Sorry about that, by the way.
So many things happened lately. This semester has been so hard and disappointing. But I won't write about that. Anyway. I'm kinda freaking out... when I was about 11 I used to be a super crazy fan of the Jonas Brothers and now they are gone, they broke up! I just can't believe this, my childhood is gone forever! This is kinda sad and it's such a pity because their songs were so catchy and they sounded awesome together. I remember when my best friend Emily and I attended to our first JB concert in 2009. It was a present from my parents, since I was about to turn 15. Best gift ever! I remember all the fans in the stadium singing to We Will Rock You by Queen while waiting for them to show up. I was so excited, I was about to see my idols, I was about to see my teenage crush, Nick Jonas. I used to be in love with him. I hope they get back together one day.
I'm currently watching Freaky Friday, remembering old and happy times :')
Sorry for this awkward post, I just had to put my feelings somewhere.

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