January 31, 2013

20 random facts! (in no special order)

Well, since everyone is doing this, I thought I don't wanna feel left out and it would be so much fun to do it! I have been reading a lot of '20 random facts' posts and I don't get tired of them, I love to see what people have in common with me! So here I go, hope you like it :)

1. I'm over-obsessed with the Harry Potter movies and books. I'm throught a HP reading marathon at the moment and I'm reading HP and the Half-Blood Prince now. I'm pretty sure I will love them until I die. I'm seriously thinking about make my grandchildren read the seven books and watch the eight movies..

2. I adore the Hunger Games, I've read the three books and seen the HG movie. I'm looking forward to see Catching Fire!

3. I recently found out that I love Conor Maynard! his songs are so catchy and (don't judge me) my favourite song is Can't Say No, the lyrics are pretty weird.. but still sounds great!

Image from Tumblr
4. I seriously suffer from a severe case of wanderlust.. I mean, I really NEED to travel to all the places I want to go, I DYING to go somewhere, but.. if only I had money enough! :( I have never been in a airplane, I have never had that feeling you get when you're flying, this makes me REALLY sad when I think about it, I have cried so many times because of this, I really really want to see the world.

5. I have a guilty pleasure for Daniel (aka Skip) from the Janoskians.. I know, I know. Most people say he's weird and looks high all the time.. and I won't deny it 'cause he really does! LOL, but I don't know, I think he's cute.. {if you don't who the hell I'm talking about, click here}

6. Sometimes I wish my life was different.. I would LOVE to live in a house like the Lord of The Rings movies and go for adventures into the woods everyday like in the Hunger Games, and sleep under the stars, go camping at least once a week, have bonfires and s'mores (never had one though :( ! ).

7. I'm going to University this year and I'm starting in a few weeks (I'm pretty scared!), I picked a career named Agricultural Sciences, mainly because it includes outdoors and travelling often.. maybe that's the reason why I said the previous random fact!

8. I'm so freaking shy! I don't really talk a lot, especially if people I don't know surround me. Sometimes people tend to think that I'm unfriendly, but I don't really mean to do it! I try my best to make people like me but I'm just shy. If I could change anything about me, it would definitely be overcome shyness. I HATE being this way, I've cried so many times about this, I regret not to do so many things, just because of my shyness. It's an awful feeling and I admire people who are lucky enough to be confident and extrovert.

Image from Tumblr
9. Sometimes I think I'm a big Anglophile.. everything I like has to be British! I love Harry Potter, I love the british accents, I love Coldplay, I love One Direction, I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!, I love The Beatles, I love the british youtubers (Alfie, Marcus, Zoella, Sam, Louise, Caspar, etc), the Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks, Sherlock, Ed Sheeran, the writer Cathy Hopkins..

10. I wish I looked like Emma Watson! She's so damn beautiful and sweet, isn't she!

11. I really hate my apparence. This is so sad, everytime I see myself in a mirror, I think about all my flaws and how ugly I am. I don't wanna feel this way anymore, but I really believe that there's nothing beautiful about me.

12. I love going to the beach as much I love playing in the snow. If you made me choose between one of them, I just couldn't. But if you ask me what's my favourite season I would say summer, just because the holidays! Lazy girl here..

13. I don't know why but I've got a HUGE thing for languages. I really really enjoy learning new words. My first language is spanish and I can speak fluent english, but it would LOVE to learn swedish, icelandic, german and portuguese.

14. I'm a REALLY fickle person. Today I'm obsessed with pink colour and I start dressing up all pink, buying pink stuff and dying my hair pink, but tomorrow I may be obsessed with Ireland and hang posters of Niall Horan on my wall, dye my hair ginger, and start doing Irish dances. (I know, this sounds kinda stereotypical).

15. If I wouldn't choose to study Agricultural Sciences I would love to be a Marine Biologist!

Image from Tumblr

16. Sadly, I have never ever been to a Starbucks store and I really hope to do it in the near future! :) I've been told so many times that their coffees are awesome! What's your favourite thing to eat/drink at Starbucks?

17. I would LOVE to go to Scandinavia. Those are some of my favourite countries ever, mainly because of the big amount of outdoor activities you can do, besides of the languages you can learn such as swedish or icelandic (as I said before, I'd love to speak these ones!)

18. When I grow up, I picture myself living in a wooden cottage into the woods in the middle of nothing, seeing green everywhere and having a lot of sheep pets.

19. I spend way too much time in my laptop.. internet + music + photoshop = my life is complete ♥

20. I would LOVE to have a white Christmas one day, having big amounts of hot chocolate, wearing warm
sweaters and feeling cosy. Since I live in the southern hemisphere, I've always had warm christmas and new years eves.


  1. Great post :)
    But you are beautiful and I hope that you'll except yourself soon, because beauty comes from within and I'm sure that you can find some things that you like about yourself and you should focus on them.
    And about traveling, try and save as much money as you can, and then check out ''cheap'' airlines line easyjet, wizzair, ryanair. They have some pretty good deals, especially if you book your tickets a few months before your departure :)
    I hope I didn't make this comment too long, but I got really sad when I read some of your things

  2. Hey are you a clone of me living in the southern hemisphere?!(just kidding:)) I love Doctor Who & Harry Potter, I would like to learn every language in the world, I'm really shy, I like to travel & I'm quite fond of Scandinavia, too!( and I think you're all right, so don't be sad about your appearance!):)

  3. Im also looking forward to catching fire!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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  5. Always nice to read some personal stuff, but I think you shouldn't be so negative about yourself! One day you will accept who you are, maybe if you just could cross of some points, like traveling by plane or learning a new language you would start to like who you are better. I like the Harry Potter books and movies a lot as well. Personally I don't like Starbucks that much, because I can really enjoy a good espresso and well the most coffees at Starbucks are with caramel, chocolate, milk, cream and sugar. So if you aren't really a fan of sweet milky coffee it's not a big deal that you have never been there ;)