March 04, 2013


Hello readers! Since my lastest post mainly consisted of my new university life, I wanted to share with you guys what I bought lately.. or what my grandmom bought me ;) haha. I love her! So here it goes. 

Avon liquid eye liner. Price: £ 4

Personally, liquid eye liners are awesome at any time. I think they are easier to apply for people like me whose hands always shake when I want a perfect make up! Also you can carry it on your purse and quickly put in on your eyes if you think it moved a little.

Avon apricot lipstick. Price: £ 2,09
I love this lipstick! It smells sooo good and leaves you a delicious apricot smell on your lips. Very useful when you want to attract boys who love apricot.. lol.


  1. i've never tried any avon products. but i might try the liquid eyeliner. i go through eyeliner sooo fast.

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  3. I have the Avon liquid eyeliner too!
    Always ordering it, it's great!
    UK High Street Fashion

  4. The apricot lipstick looks cool :) Would love to see a swatch!

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  5. Apricot lipstick looks coooolio!

  6. Love the look of the lipstick. Gorgeous colour x