March 17, 2013

Mixed up

Sometimes I forget this is my blog, which means I can post whatever I want. Sometimes I blog for others, I try to write about what my readers want to see. So this is gonna be a bit different. This is something that is happening to me and you guys are obviously free to keep reading or leave. This is about love.
If you did not know yet, I started university a month ago. I've met awesome people and now I made two great friends. The other day, our teacher took us to go through the university campus 'cause my classmates and I are new in all this uni stuff and we still get lost there. We went to see the greenhouse and how things work there. Lilly and Cynthia (my two new friends) were behind me and I heard they were talking to me. I couldn't hear very well so I got closer to them. They told me this guy Marcus was staring at me. 'It's like he can't take his eyes off you', said Cynthia. 'Wink him. He's all yours now', laughed Lilly. I couldn't find him, I didn't see anybody looking at me actually, I thought they were lying. I don't know all my classmates yet, they are about 50 so I can't remember all their names. 'Who?' I asked. 'That blonde guy! Don't you see him?', Cynthia was trying to tell me, but I didn't see anybody. I kept listening to what the teacher was explaining about the greenhouse. I decided not to believe what my friends were saying. Then I wanted to see around, just to make sure nobody was staring. Aaaand I saw him. He was behind some tall guy. He quickly moved his head pretending he was listening to the teacher, and I could realise he blushed. Marcus, he's called, and he's from a little town close to my city. I'm not sure if he likes me. Nobody ever liked me, so that's why I don't know what to think about this. I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror. He can't like me, he can't think I'm 'cute' or 'pretty'. I do know he always stares at me, 'cause I've seen him many times doing it since that day in the greenhouse. But I kept believing that probably he likes Cynthia because all the boys in my class love her 'cause she's beautiful. I kept telling to myself that maybe he doesn't stare at me, but at my direction. And if somebody is looking at my direction, they could be staring at Cynthia or Lilly, 'cause they sit next to me. But not me, he can't like me.
Last friday, I saw Marcus coming into the class with two more guys and sat behind Lilly, Cynthia and I. I don't really know what to think about this. I'm confused. I'm mixed up. He's cute and seems to be such a nice person. I've never talked to him before though. I think that if he actually liked me, it would be really nice of him to tell me! I would find it adorable and I think we could probably go out? I know this sounds like I'm a dreamer, lol, but it's true! I find him cute. But I don't know. Maybe it's just me. He was probably staring at Cynthia or Lilly. What do you guys think about this?

PS: Happy St Patrick's Day, btw! :)


  1. I think that you should go up to him and ask something about his hobby's or what he thinks about the teachers and the school... I don't know, I wouldn't know what to do when that happened to me. Good luck!
    Your blog is amazing and I followed you, would you like to follow back?