January 15, 2013

I like watching the stars

It's been so hot today, I'm sweating! And it's realy funny because all the bloggers I follow are posting pictures of their snowy gardens, snowy streets and it seems to be snow everywhere! Days like these make me realise that I hate living in the Southern Hemisphere where is too hot! We are in summer right now, and I'm sorry for complaining a lot, I love summer actually but personally I think summer is perfect only when you go to the beach, and the closest beach is around 1000 kilometres away! The only thing I wish right now is to have some snow here.. just a little chilly breeze so I can go back to my normal body temperature! haha. Anyway, now I'm going to check some more blogs before I go outside to see the stars and the moon through my brother's telescope that he got for Christmas. After that I'll probably attempt to draw some faces, if everything goes okay I'll be posting my drawings soon! :)
Lots of love,


  1. Ooh, I LOVE watching the stars too! It's sad that I live in a big city(too much lights) without a telescope (no closer look)when I love the stars so much. Still, I can see some bright stars and constellations like Sirius (star) and the Orion (constellation) in winter. And don't feel bad if it doesn't snow there. It's "winter" in Taiwan now, and it doesn't snow either-- it's like 25℃ now!;-)

  2. Awwwwww. I'm a little bit missing summer. In Poland is all the time snow. And -10, -15 everytime but.. It's good. I can hug everyone hahaha <3 Maybe u will visit us? "fashion-by-alexshia.blogspot.com"??? :3