January 15, 2013

Daily update

Lately I feel like I can't find inspiration. I really want to update my blog but I don't know what to write about! Have you ever felt this way? Any suggestions to find more inspiration? It's 2:03 am right now and I've decided to write in my blog, just to let you guys kow about this. Anyway, today I haven't done anything basically lol, I literally just stayed on my laptop aaaaaall day, it's been a lazy monday i guess :D It's summer where I live so no need to worry about school, studying and homework, that's the best part about holidays isn't it? :D Although I have my moments, when I start to freak out and worry because I'm starting Uni in a few weeks, I'm really scared! It's gonna be a big change.. new friends, new teachers, new places, new subjects.. everything new! But for now, I know I don't need to worry, there are a few more weeks to go, so Lucy please calm down.
Okay, I've decided I would buy Ed Sheeran + album, I've been listening to the full album all night on Youtube and I think I really really need this! I love Ed, he's awesome and his songs are perfect! ♥ What do you guys think about his album? xx

Just listen and relax :)