February 17, 2013


Hello everyone! What's up? :) SOOO, I started university last thursday 14th. I have to accept that the previous night I couldn't sleep, I was soo nervous, scared and excited at the same time. It was a bunch of feelings running together through my head! Just imagine, these are too many changes: new friends, new routine, new ME. First, all the new students of Agricultural Sciences, gathered in a big hall where some of our teacher welcomed us with a looong speech and a play about a first-year-of-university student problems. There, I found out that we are just about 20 girls, the rest are boys... ;) lol. Then, we were divided in 4 groups since we were about 200 new students in that career and we wouldn't fit in one single room. I'm in the group 2, where I met 4 amazing people: two boys and one girl from another town, and another girl who I figured out she lives close to my house! On Friday, we five (me and the other 4 people I met), stayed together all day and definitely had so much fun! We went on "tour" around the uni, but suddenly we got lost.. We wanted to find the cafeteria but we found a basketball field instead.. lol. The campus is too big! Those two days were just "adaptation" days, the teachers showed the first-year student the university, its rooms and its rules. Tomorrow monday we are going to revise high school subjects such as chemistry, biology and maths. That definitely doesn't sound very cool.. Anyways, It's been an amazing starting, and as you can see, I had so much fun and met awesome people there. UNIVERSITY IS AMAZING so far ;)

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