January 07, 2013

Latest buys UPDATED

I don't know if any of you has the tradition of The Three Kings day but I do celebrate it. So this is what I got:
PONY shoes, I love this brand!

So basically I've been doing absolutely NOTHING lately. I just wanted to lay in my bed and relax! You will amaze about this but I hadn't watched Elf movie before, so I decided I would do it and I really LOVE D it! I kinda had a movies marathon so I also watched New Year's Eve, another movie that I strongly recomend. I'll do the same with Valentine's Day, since it's nearly Valentine's day (I guess 2013 is such another year without a love who I can spend February 14th with..), Sex and the City 1 & 2, the Hobbit, the Amazing Spider Man, the Avengers and Friends with Benefits! I think I've got a lot to do now..