December 17, 2012

What's the worst that could happen?!

Hello blog!
So this is something that I don't really like to talk about but I need to write about this because, sometimes, writing about what's worring you, makes you feel much better. So I decided to share my thoughts with you in this little space that the big world of the internet gave me.
I've been a shy girl all my life and I have to say that I really really hate being this way. I thought this 'thing' would never leave me, I thought I would have to carry this 'problem' forever.  I actually cried and thought that I would never get over my shyness and I used to think that it would be impossible to stop being this way because I was 17 years old already and my shyness was still there. But a few days ago I found out that I was wrong.
Last week, I was invited to a party and I didn't expect that I would actually go. But I did, I finally decided I would go. And I actually had an enjoyable time with my friends that I danced all night non-stop! :) It had become normal to me not going to parties 'cause I was so shy to dance and wear all those shiny and glamorous clothes, like my friends did. But I found out that the only person who can change my mind and make me start thinking positively is myself. So I thought: "What the hell! I don't care what those people will think about me, not anymore!, like I don't even know who the hell they are!" And that's the part where I'm right. Just think about it! What the worst that could happen?! You've only got ONE life, so go and enjoy it! Stop worring about what others think about you, just do what you like, and if somebody don't agree, who cares? if somebody says bad thing about you, just ignore them! Nobody is perfect, NOBODY. If you don't live your life and if you keep saying "No, I'm shy, I can't do that, I can't do this", one day, you will regreat for not doing what you wanted to do and you won't be able to do the same things you did as a teenager at the age of 40. You are young, enjoy your life, don't be scared, don't be sad. That's the best part of life: you do crazy things that one day you will remember them and you'll have funny memories to tell (:

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PS: I apologize for my English, it's not my first language :/


  1. Good for you! Think positively and positive things will happen to you. I learned this from reading 'the secret' by Rhonda Byrne, you might like to read it too. And by the way, your English is very good, don't worry :)

  2. You're just like me, thats exactly what I do. I need to start taking your advice :)